A wire cable, or rope, or chain that goes around a rotating spool known as the winch drum is the mechanical device called a winch. The lifting and hauling tension of the rope of a 4×4 winch helps to move the car. A power steering pump or a motor is used to power the 4×4 winch. The rapid motion of the rope of the winch spins when it is powered up.

The immediate extraction of a bogged-down or stranded 4×4 needs help from a recovery device known as the 4×4 winch. The 4×4 winch is a necessary device to have when you use your 4×4 to travel to remote spots where rough terrain is expected.

The three main types of 4×4 power winches include:


Electric Winch

The most popularly-used winch today is the 12V-powered electric winch. The vehicle’s battery is first used to provide power to the electric winch. The alternator of the vehicle provides the second power to the winch. Working the winch for a short time doesn’t need help from the vehicle’s engine. However, bringing along an extra battery for long trips is recommended.

Some of the things that make the electric winch highly popular include:

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Can use battery power even when the engine is dead
  • Widely distributed in the market


Power Take-off or PTO Winch

The first power winch distributed on the market was the power take-off or PTO winch. A drive shaft directly connects the PTO winch. The direct transfer to the drive shaft is the thing that runs the winch’s gearbox. However, being engine-powered means that the engine is required to run the winch. This disadvantage has made the winch an unpopular option today.


Hydraulic Winch

The power steering system of the vehicle provides the running power of the hydraulic winch. The hydraulic pressure provides power through the hydraulic motor attached to the winch. Being dependent on a running engine makes the hydraulic winch the first option for many 4×4 owners.


What is included in Power Winches?


The most popular vehicle recovery device today is the power winch. This is because the power winch can be powered either by the battery, engine, or the power steering system of the vehicle.

The important features of the extensive 4×4 winch range include:


Gear Train

Converting pulling power from the winch motor is the main responsibility of the gear train.

Winch Drum

The spooled wire rope or cable is housed in the winch drum. The circular motion spin of the spool either winds the rope to go out or come in.


The motor of the winch can either be electric or hydraulic. The function of the winch is dependent on the motor, making it the most important component. The motor is the sole reason for the winches to be known as the power winches. Yet, manually operating the winch can be done without the power of a motor.

Internal Brake

Stopping the winch while preventing the load from slipping back is helped by the internal brake. Keeping the load stable is the main job of the internal brake. Its usual location is inside the winch drum.

Cable or Wire Rope

Estimated to be between 40 to 100 feet long, the wire rope or cable wraps itself neatly around the winch drum.